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In order to make your arrival easier and faster, we have gathered some information regarding your transportation to and from our hotel.

Halkidiki is assisted by the National airport "SKG MACEDONIA" of Thessaloniki, which is connected daily with numerous flights with the largest Greek and European cities.

Contact number of the Airport "SKG MACEDONIA": +302310473212.

From the airport you can reach directly the hotel by car, taxi (see below) or you can take a taxi to the Intercity Bus Station of Halkidiki (cost about 10€) and from there you can travel to any destination in Halkidiki by bus.

By Plane

Our hotel is about 120 km (90 minutes) away from Thessaloniki. Beautiful natural scenery and intriguing ancient sites can be seen during the trip. For more details please check the directions provided below.

By Car

Directions to our hotel

If you wish taxi services, contact us, via email: or telephone +302377022533, giving us time of arrival or/and departure.
We will answer you immediately with details, availability and cost of the route.

By Taxi

In Halkidiki there is no railway system.

Visitors who travel by train, either from Greece or from abroad, arrive at the Railway Station of Thessaloniki.

From the Railway Station by taxi or bus you can reach the Intercity Bus Station of Halkidiki and from there you can travel towards any destination by bus.

Railway station of Thessaloniki-information
Phone number: +302310517517, +302310517518

By Train

All villages and beaches of Halkidiki are connected by bus with Thessaloniki. There are daily and frequent bus routes throughout the year.

Information – Halkidiki Intercity Bus Station:
Thessaloniki Station, phone number: +302310316555, +302310316565

By Bus
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