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Our Awarded Boutique Hotel has a 30-year history of welcoming guests.

As one of the best boutique hotels in Halkidiki, our luxury hotel in Ierissos offers both relaxation and comfort.

Discover Halkidiki's beautiful scenery and the historic Mount Athos from our convenient location.

With easy access to the region's most breathtaking spots, our hotel is your ideal base for exploring all that Halkidiki has to offer.

Enjoy an unforgettable stay at our top-rated hotel in Halkidiki, where luxury meets comfort. Award
Google Award
Quinquennial Award
Kayak Award
Tripdadvisor Award

We offer five distinct types of rooms to cater to every guest's needs: superior rooms, deluxe rooms, family rooms, junior suites, and two-room suites. Each one is designed to provide luxury and relaxation, with modern furniture, premium linens, top branded amenities, and advanced electronics. All rooms are spacious with large bathrooms, ensuring a comfortable stay. Our guests appreciate our state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems, as well as our exceptional cleanliness and high-speed internet. Whether you're visit us for a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a business trip, our hotel offers the perfect blend of luxury and calmness for a truly relaxing experience.

Our breakfast buffet is a guest favorite, featuring local products and freshly made dishes. Enjoy a variety of coffees, fresh juices, handmade marmalades and sweets, fruits, omelettes,  traditional pies, and vegan options. Occasionally, we offer champagne and caviar for a touch of luxury. Start your day with our healthy and delicious breakfast, a true celebration of flavors.

Amazing Breakfast

Discover the magic of Halkidiki, where emerald and turquoise waters meet stunning beaches and lush nature. With 94 Blue Flags (number one in Greece!) and 550 kilometers of gorgeous coastline, it's a beach lover's paradise. Enjoy lively beach bars, vibrant nightlife, and serene spots to relax and unwind. Halkidiki promises breathtaking scenery, endless fun, and unforgettable moments in a truly enchanting setting.

Explore the mystical allure of Mount Athos, a unique monastic state steeped in history and spirituality.

Known as the "Holy Mountain" this UNESCO World

Heritage site is home to centuries-old monasteries, stunning landscapes, and a serene atmosphere that offers a rare glimpse into a world of devotion and tranquility.

Mount Athos invites you to experience its timeless beauty and spiritual depth, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking inspiration and serenity.

Mount Athos

Walk the paths where Aristotle, the philosopher and teacher of Alexander the Great, once roamed and created his remarkable work. At Aristotle's Park in Stagira, Halkidiki, you can immerse yourself in the same sights and scents that inspired him. This interactive park offers captivating exhibits and stunning landscapes, making it a must-visit for history buffs and nature lovers alike.






"Great hotel, fantastic staff, everybody makes you feel welcome. Very nice rooms, tasty breakfast with an large number of different choices. The cleanliness is impeccable, and the hotel is situated in a quiet part of town. A truly relaxing holiday."

Lars H,

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